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Barking Spider Mine Wulfenite on Hemimorphite

(image enlarged for better viewing)

Locality:....Barking Spider Mine (Finch), Gila County, Hayden,


Size:............2 1/4" wide x 3/4" Tall x 2" deep

Weight:......91 grams/3.2 ounces 




Barking Spider Mine Wulfenite specimens often exhibit an Epimorph of Alpha Quartz on Wulfenite with Hemimorphite on a Skarn Limestone Matrix which sometimes include Vanadinite, Mottramite, Endlichite and or Mimetite. This crystal was self collected from the Barking Spider (Finch) Mine in the Dripping Springs Mountains near Hayden, Arizona. This locality, near the famous 79 Mine was originally mined for flux for the copper smelter at Hayden, Arizona. The Barking Spider Mine has produced some of the most unique wulfenite specimens on this wonderous planet.




Wulfenite is said to harmonize emotions and is a nice grounding stone.


Wulfenite Crystals on Hemimorphite

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