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Rhodochrosite Stalactite with Polished Eyes

(image enlarged for better viewing)



Size:...........3 inches x 3 3/8 inches x 1 3/8 inches

Weight:.....8.3 ounces/ 233 grams


Stock:.......M 1038




This delightful Stalactite of Rhodochrosite was polished on the ends to show the stunning Rhodochrosite Eyes that are a result of the natural formation process.  This Specimen was naturally formed with 7 Stalactites of Rhodochrosite.  Rhodochrosite, which means rose-colored, sometimes forms in these lovely Stalactitic Spires. The pink color of Rhodochrosite is caused by the element manganese and it is formed when manganese is dissolved by ground water and combines with a carbonate material and then drips off the ceiling of caves and crevices deep underground.




Rhodochrosite is said to help draw love to the wearer. and is thought to relieve stress.

Rhodochrosite Stalactite with Polished Eyes

SKU: M1038
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