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Hemimorphite Crystals on Limonite from Durango, Mexico

(image enlarged for better viewing)


Locality:.....Ojuela Mine, Mapimi, mun. de Mapimi, Durango,      Mexico

Size:...........2.50 inches X 3.50 inches X 1.75 inches

Weight:......8.2 oz/ 232 grams




Provenance:     What a beautiful Ice Sculpture look!


This is a very lovely Hemimorphite Specimen perched on Limonite from the Ojuela Mine, Durango Mexico. The Ojuela Mine is known for 137 different minerals species including Hemimorphite. These Hemimorphite Crystals are fabulous and look like an Ice sculpture.

Hemimorphite is a silicate that contains the elements Zn, Si, O and H.  An extraordinary piece for any collection.  Enjoy!




Hemimorphite is said to promote healing of the brain and to balance the right and left sides

of the brain. It is believed to be great for dyslexic people.

Hemimorphite Crystals on Limonite

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