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Museum Specimen Bisbee Eye Azurite Natural Specimen and Polished Sculpt

(image enlarge for better viewing)


Locality:........Bisbee, Arizona

Size:...............8.5" x 8' x 3"

Weight:..........3 pounds 11.6 ounces

Type:..............Decorator Specimen



This one of a kind piece has both the natural Azruite Vug crystals polished azurite eyes and malachite crystals on one side that is absolutely breathtaking and on the other the other side natural malachite.  A rare and unique beauty that will be talked about and remembered by everyone who visits your home or office.  This sparkly specimen was collected in the 40's from (believed to be) the Czar shaft in the Bisbee Mine, in Bisbee Arizona.  The specimen was so beautiful on the one side but the other had some damage that was irreconcilable so on closer inspection we realized the potential of the incredible blue eyes.  We took a chance and sculpted the one side and the vista was ineffable!!!!  We coveted this piece for many years but now we want to share her with the world.  




Azurite is called the "Stone of Heaven" and is said to be excellent for mediation.

Malachite is said to be protective and can absorb negative energies.

Azurite and Malachite Sculpt, Bisbee AZ

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